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May 6th, 2009, 21:46
Originally Posted by magerette View Post
Can anyone point me to a good demo download for the Total War series? I'd like to try the series out and I can't find a valid one for Medeival2--but I'm open to whatever incarnation you experts think is the best one.
I can't, but I have a suggestion that made the game more playable for me. Since I don't really like RTS I just play the turn based strategy part and leave the battles in automatic. If you like RTS then never mind, in my case I enjoy watching the battles take place, which is bad for RTS where you're supposed to issue 200 orders per second all over the map, memorizing 20 shortcuts or you're dead.

As for what I'm playing now, just yesterday I finished 'Bladestorm' in my PS3. It was good, like Dynasty Warriors (which I don't really like) but where you control companies of units instead of just your character. Some strategy and tactics required.
Now I'm wondering if I should continue Valkyria Chronicles on PS3 or NWN2 MoB in my PC (or even opening that tempting box of Elven Legacy)
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