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May 7th, 2009, 16:15
I do want adventure 'elements' in my RPGs. But just as in old adventure games, there should be things that hint you on the solution. If you're a lvl 1 party and you face a dragon, you obviously know there is another way in (talk to dragon, create diversion, etc). I think there's a misconception that RPG means that every 'encounter' must or can be overcome with a fight. I disagree, I think RPG just means that there are stats/skills that define what you can and can't do. An RPG/adventure hybrid would be like one of my favorite game series, Quest for Glory. You were faced with adventure-type situations, and your stats/class would determine what options were available to you. Some of these situations would have a 'kill them all' solution, but not all.
Most of what are considered the best RPGs, 'classics', don't worry about if the player would find solutions in the Internet. That's for the player to decide. Present the *characters* with situations, if the *player* wants to go to the Internet for the solution, that's his/her problem, but don't cheapen my experience because of them… I do like to think outside the 'combat box' when playing RPGs.
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