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May 8th, 2009, 03:58
Ok, I've realised there are some mods out for NWN2 that I really want to try, so I've re-installed the game recently. However, now I've got this stupid bug that Daegun does not recognise the shard I've collected from the ruins and hence keep repeating "what you are doing? go collect shard". I was tempted to murder him several times but stupid NWN2 doesnt allow me to attack anyone.

Anyone know how to fix this bug? This is what I did for installataion.

1. Installed NWN2 OC
2. Installed MotB
3. Installed upto most recent Patch.

Anyone have any suggestion? I sure hope I don't have to uninstall ane reinstall everything again because I still need bandwidth to play WoW…
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