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May 8th, 2009, 23:27
I can pinpoint the exact date (or at least the year) or very near when the hardcore things (like puzzles etc)went out of fashion in RPGS. I did't have internet for nearly a 1-1 year from early 1999- middle 2000 (or maybe early 2001). During that time the IT-bubble burst, several independent sites were forget into global media corporations; gamespot were sold to the corporation that owns it today, and much much more. The time period is of course not an exact date, but more of an around 2000 thing…

It was around that time that the global media corporations discovered they could make money selling (a lot of) games, and so they streamlined games for the masses. And ordinary people (meaning not hardcore rpg players) do not like to run around trying non combat solutions; they just want to blow things up when thet get home from a very frustrating day at work (I know this, since I play Fate wheneversomething or someone frustrates me…)

As for hitting unsuspecting enemies with a fireball, I have done (and do) the same thing in BG1 and BG2 - preferable casting entangle or web first. Works very well - after I've sent the rogue ahead to do a bit of scouting…
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