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May 9th, 2009, 06:54
The International

Clive Owen as Interpol agent trying to prevent a huge bank from branching out into the grey and black market, here represented by a big weapon deal (high tech missiles). Everybody who gets too close has a sudden accident.
Positively old fashioned thriller, 70s style (Three Days of the Condor, All the President's Men). A lot of suspense, only one notable action scene. Which is well done though: a shootout with MPs in the Guggenheim museum. The smaller action scenes are only there to drive the story forward, they are technically solid but not meant to be spectacular.
The Bourne movies have similar content, but the contrast in style couldn't be bigger. The International is competently made, with a lot of beautiful shots - no surprise because Tykwer's films always look good - but there are no shaky cam and only seldomly fast cuts.
The movie has ca. 10 minutes of cliches too much in the middle part. Apart from that it's moving fast, it's very entertaining, often surprising and generally well acted. Only Naomi Watts had an unthankful role. Her char had a lot of screen time but not really much to do.
I liked it. A good B. And ignore all those whiners on IMDB. They probably expected a modern action flick. The International is way above average.
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