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May 11th, 2009, 21:26
Originally Posted by magerette View Post
Can anyone who's played this through give an idea of how long it is? Is it replayable very much? Would it be a better game experience to buy both this and Fantasy Wars or is there enough here on it's own?
Ok I finally gave in and opened the box (guess that means another delay for NWN2:MotB). In the first sitting I finished the first two missions (gold) and failed at the optional mission I gained. I played Fantasy Wars and both are really very similar from what I remember. FW had several campaigns, while EL seems to have only one right now. From mission 1 to 2 I had a choice of where to go next, so maybe you could replay it and choose what you didn't choose before. But I believe its replayability comes from the map editor that I think was included or at least available online so you may download user-created content later on.
If you like turn-based strategy, this is as good a game as any. It's so similar to FW that it could have easily been just an expansion.
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