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May 12th, 2009, 13:28
Originally Posted by Michael Dean View Post
I spent a good part of my life working on Thief 3.

I thought we did a pretty good job, but we could have done better in many ways.

In any case, I hope this studio keeps Eidos happy with their Thief product. More importantly, I hope it ends up being a quality title and a big hit with old and new fans of the franchise.
I have to agree, you did pretty good.

It was hardly your fault that you had to restrict yourselves to Xbox hardware, and that's really the only issue I had with it. The memory restriction meant small levels, and considering that - I think you handled the game a LOT better than they did with Deus Ex: IW.

The idea of a main town (hub structure) was great - but unfortunately it felt somewhat off because of the tiny areas - but even so, it worked OK, which I really didn't expect after IW.

Anyway, respect from this person and let's hope Thief 4 will suffer no such issues.
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