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May 12th, 2009, 15:15
Originally Posted by JDR13 View Post
You're the first person I've seen say they didn't like Star Trek.

What is JCVD?
JCVD is the new semi-biography about Jean Claude Van Damme.

Actually, the movie in itself is "meh" - but there's a ~10 minute monologue near the end of it which is the most honest, powerful, and touching scene I've seen in many years.

Star Trek is Transformers in space - and I hated Transformers as well.

Also, I'm fan of a TOS/TNG - so when everything good about Roddenberry's ideas and vision gets violated over a buck, I don't seem to appreciate it as much as others do.

But I don't dress up like a Klingon or anything, I just happen to like what the show tried to do.




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