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May 14th, 2009, 18:41
If it is not physically dfamaged there are a number of Windows options. For simple tasks you can use the Boot CD for Windows if you aren't comfortable enough with Linux.

It has quite a number of applications for recovery, including reinstalling a bootable Windows on top of what is there and restoring Internet access. Being Winodws and CD based however, it can be grindingly slow so fair warning.

However, when I needed some serious recovery done on lost partitions I found findpart


You really learn this stuff the hard way. These may not help your situation now but they could be very good tools for the future.

(there is a media file recovery tool that comes with the UBCD4WIN as well that picked up files that even findpart couldn't - the name slips my mind at the moment but its pretty popular. I believe its an alternate dos boot from the disc's normal windows boot).
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