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May 15th, 2009, 04:09
He's not terrified of failing, he's just reminding us all that it pays to consider your potential pitfalls. And exactly what do you think he can do that will be so different it would attract new customers without alienating his core base? Considering his skillset, experience, existing engine and tools, and his desire to make a certain kind of game… I think it's silly to expect him to change too much. But a new IP is something, isn't it?

I don't play the games either. I've come to realize that I find the "go everywhere, talk to everyone, and interact with every possible object" nature of classic CRPGs to be… annoying. I learned that from the Avernum IV demo, and I admit it was a shocker.

Anywho, the whole post was worth it for the OLD MAN MURRAY link. That will forever be the finest site in the video gaming world, and now Jeff V is on my A-list.
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