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May 18th, 2009, 23:26
It's been a long time …

Today I had two thoughts.

You know, I tend to switch my point of view for about 180 degrees, to see what might come out of this.

Now I noticed that some games don't accept virtual CDs. They just won't start.

Now, why shouldn't I do the direct opposite ? Program a game that doesn't run on physical CDs ? ONLY on virtual ones ?

My dream is to develop a game (text-adventure like RPG) which does CD checks - although it is Freeware. Yes, BECAUSE it is Freeware.

It simply stays Freeware. It does nothing buch check whether there's a CD drive and whether there's a CD insterted in it.

That would drive all current copy protection schemes that rely on physical CDs ad absurdum.

Because it does the direct opposite. It checks for CDs although it is a Freeware game.

And then, it should check for [b]virtual[7b] CDs. It shouldn't run with physical CDs at all. That's the direct opposite of games not running when

a) there's no CD at all in the drive (of course it should be the game's CD, but since my game should be Freeware …)

b) the game is on a virtual CD / in a virtual drive.

I would force everyone to install virtual drives. The direct opposite of forcing people to use game CDs in physical drives.

To put it even more extremely, my game shouldn't even run if it detects any of "the usual suspects" in terms of copy protection: SecuRom, StarForce … This would force people to remove them.

Of course I do know that I'm crazy.

But I just follow this to see how gaming business works.

A propos gaming business: My second thought today was that

if the customer is king, then the shareholder is the implicite tyrant.

Gaming companies implicitely let themselves be dictated by the shareholders. They do everything to please the almighty shareholders. They do everything not to disappoint shareholders. They do everything to feed shareholders with their money - with their profits.

This just shows the might and the power of the almighty shareholders. Implicitely, shareholders run the entire gaming business !

So - it's NOT the gamers for whom gaming companies produce ! No, no, it is the shareholders !

So, with all this indirect, implicitely performed power, the games are indirectly produced for the shareholders. Not for the customers, not for the gamers, no, but for the shareholders instead.

Because the gaming publishers do everything to please "the shareholders". In principle, the whole business runs for them !

It's like having a mass of people sitting "in the shadows", not seen, but lurking, but on the other hand directing a whole business with theor hands and banknotes like a director directs an orchestra.

If the orchestra doesn't play like "the shareholder" doesn't want it to, then he or she just withdraws. Gone is the money !

So … The whole gaming business is nothing but a way … a scheme … to please the greed of people who lend their money.

This has nothing to do with gaming anymore. This is just a … an effective way of multiplying money. Totally void of anything that lies within the word and definition of a "game" …

"Games" that are optimized for generating money - through attraction … like a sucking-machine … only for money …

… And that goes for ALL Bussiness areas …
Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius and a lot of courage to move in the opposite direction. (E.F.Schumacher, Economist, Source)
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