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May 21st, 2009, 20:56
It'll be interesting to learn what actually happened here. A lot of questions come to mind, including whether or not the terms of the agreement they reached ruined the deal so to speak.

The first thing I wonder is how Interplay got this deal in the first place. Obviously, Bethesda thought the rights had value. And it would have been cool for Interplay to have done it. But what was it that made them believe Interplay could really pull it off?

My guess is Interplay had verbal committments from a financial backer (or more than one) who, like Bethesda, was interested but also cautious. It could be that Bethesda outfoxed itself with the terms they were able to negotiate.

The first two bullets, especially the second, stand out hugely, I think. I suppose Bethesda didn't want the Fallout MMO to compete with their own single-player Fallout games. The other terms could be shrugged off, assuming everything went as planned, But those may have given the Interplay financial backer cold feet (just a guess).
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