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May 26th, 2009, 19:42
Just take a look at how many RPGs are having the word "action" in their desctription nowadays. None, if I see this correctly. Nowadays, ALL RPGs MUST have this attribute, or … well, at least marketing from all around the world believes it won't never ever sell.
I see what you mean, but in my opinion blaming that on any particular game or game(s) makes no more sense than attributing the fact that 3-D has become so prevalent to the first couple of games that came out with that. I know that's not a perfect analogy because the shift to action isn't primarily a tech issue the way 3-D was, but nonetheless the intrusion of action into RPGs is a natural progression.

Why? Because as games have gotten more expensive and risky to make, they've necessarily gravitated towards more popular forms of gameplay. And kicking ass in real time is always going to sell more, all things equal, than clicking on menu options. Except maybe in Japan. Of course the necessity of courting the console crowd is a big part of this, and those people would rather do stuff than read text. Those crazy kids.

Diablo certainly had its impact. But my point is that you cannot say that had it not been for Diablo, games with turn-based combat would be dominating the current-gen console charts. That was just never going to happen. Except maybe in Japan.
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