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May 27th, 2009, 03:47
Just finishing a game with no magic. Shamans are indeed to be dreaded! I planned my early liberations based on how many shamans were in the town. Later, I made sure to bring along a buddy to divert some of the casting and tried to use cover, trees, anything to get close to the shaman and beat him down quickly. Goblin shamans I could often get with a few arrows and some dodging behind rocks and trees.

Geldern, as you have learned, is full of the bastards, so I had to lure them out to the nearby ranger camp, where I got the druid and his boys as allies (comes a point early in a liberation when the town will empty out and follow you all over the map, even to Nemora, Reddock, etc.) Pretty much all the rangers died, but the Druid survived and Geldern got liberated.
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