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May 31st, 2009, 03:26
Top 10 RPGs

1)Gothic 2
The first computer game I felt I was living in the world. With a realistic night and day coupled with an open world and intelligent monsters, this game sorta spoiled me for all other CRPGs

2)Deus Ex
My first rig could not run this game so I had to wait about a year after its release. With all the anticipation you might think I was in for an eventual let down, I wasnít. And due to a recent article here, Iím thinking of reinstalling.

3)Might and Magic 6
After the garish color palate of the previous M&Ms, the pastel look of this game was somewhat of a surprise. But the superb game play coupled with a late game flying ability made this one of the few CRPGS that I replayed

4)Land of Lore 1
When this game was released it was just a tad behind the technology curve. I wanted smooth 3d motion and this game provided step motion. After I got over the chip on my shoulder I was totally into the game world and the fun interface. I think LOL was the first game that had monsters (spiders) approach from the ceiling.

While the game play was somewhat slow I was always interested. A vastly different fantasy world that was much appreciated me. I initially stopped playing this game after about half way through, but restarted and finished about 2 years later.

6)Fallout 1
As you can see from my list, Iím not much into overhead perspective. But this game changed my feelings about that. I just loved the choices the first game made you take. You simply could not power game. I went into this game with some bad feelings also, I wanted to see the real sequel to Wasteland, turned out this was far better.

7)Divine Divinity
The buzz on this game was unbelievable. The buzz said forget about the boring first dungeon and you will find a gem. The buzz was correct and great great game was made even better with perhaps one of the best sound tracks of all time (any gaming genre)

8)Might & Magic 7
While this game was vastly better than M&M 6in so many aspects, it simply was not overall better than 6. Still, it rates in my top 10.

9)Gothic 1
I started with Gothic 2 first. I was a Morrowind fanboy who bought into the hype of Gothic 1ís inferior interface, so it was not worthy to be played. Gothic 2 showed me how wrong I was. Playing Gothic 2 first made playing 1 second a very interesting experience. Sorta like going in a time machine. For instance the dragon cave in 1 was a human settlement in 2.

10)Ultima 9
What say you? I know this was not really a true Ultima game but damn, I had a ton of fun playing this game. Of course I played this game years after it was released and well behind the technology curve so I had no problems. Also unlike the real Ultima games when the mid game get bogged down, I didnít feel that in this game. I remember this game fondly.

Some games that didn't make the cut but were truly worthy( Anvil of Dawn, Wizardry 8, Arx Fatalis, Fallout 3, StoneKeep, Two Worlds, Arcanium, World of Krondor, Menzoberranzan & Neuromancer)
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