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June 2nd, 2009, 23:57
Originally Posted by booboo View Post
I finally decided to give this another expansion chance - I've endured the excrutiating slog that is the overland map - I have a thief with high spot, hide, move silently etc and ended up trying to fleel from pursuing monsters when I was spotted. Still had way too may pointless encounters. So, finally,I get to the 'end game', back in the S. lands…and suddenly everything becomes harder!? EL17 monsters everywhere - my party is only level 12 even though I have done everything required.
Dunno man, I'm about level 12 and still haven't even gone north of Neverwinter. No problems with random encounters either. My rogue/ranger can usually hide from most encounters and/or evade, and if not, tanglefoot bags work too. I did choose 'exp' as award for the magic nodes thing, so that's 2000 free exp I got so far there.
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