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June 3rd, 2009, 18:14
I created a Girdle of Gender Changing in NWN on a whim and then used it in my own PW


It was crazy. Players went nuts with it. Usually veteran players would leave it on the ground for newbs. When it isn't put on yet it says its a belt of +10 strength (which at the time was not possible on an item in NWN). I leave a clue on it that says its that in name only. No attributes actually show. When you put it on it swaps it self out for the real belt and whammo.

People would scream! They would flood the DM channel with total horror. I made it somewhat of a policy to make sure it was left on the player. Some creative players would end up roleplaying it for awhile and still others kept using it as a really convenient disguise for RP.
Patch 1.23b in NWN2 appears to have a new function SetGender. Most likely its strictly a stat thing and I doubt it works on PCs.
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