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June 3rd, 2009, 20:04
Ah crap! so what i'm reading is that 12th level is way too low to tackle the end of the game…So I'll have to exit from the temple and go muck about until I get level 13,14 and 15 (and probably 16) at least. That is a *huge* number of XPs! I did a fair number of side quests besides the required ones, probably slightly less than usual - as I tended to avoid the overland map itty bitty quests…seems like the discovery aspect *is* something you need to do to get enough experience i.e. finding new locations, doing a bit of dungeoneering etc etc. I'm close to just throwing this back in the cupboard - I have never had this happen with any NWN title or expansion (or previous Bioware, Black Isle etc titles). I don't really have the energy to backtrack and go and scrutinize every tavern and corner of the world looking for quests. And I still don't see the point of the overland map encounter system to be honest - exploration is all fine and well, but unless you have a ranger or survival maxed character (i.e. forced choices) you spend huge amounts of time running away or engaged in pointless combats which do not advance the story. And unless you have special feats/items you cannot sleep in any cave/interior you have cleared out which is a major bummer and illogical to boot. Sure, the NWN system of sleeping anywhere was silly - by BG had a good compomise system where you could sleep and risk a random encounter in enemy territory (esp spaces you cleared) and still get spells etc. And some 3rd party modules had 'safe areas' in practically any location - which were great to find. I enjoyed some aspects of this expansion, but not enough to convince me to invest any more time. Thanks for the help guys.
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