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June 4th, 2009, 11:20
Originally Posted by rpgdude View Post
The first time, the deer were there but my bow is weak so I waited. When I got a strong crossbow, there were no deer anywhere. I suspect it may be a bug so I used the console to spawn the shy deer:

spawn shy_deer [ENTER]

the console gave an error something about no template.
They run away when you get too close and can be found anywhere in an area limited by Ardaea-Jacks Lighthouse-Venguard. They usually start out in a small canyon that is on the Venguard side of Chris' camp. If I bother with the quest I take out one deer at a time, go do something else for a few in-game days, and go back to that canyon. If I am really patient I will do a sweep along an arc from the canyon towards the lighthouse.

Most of the time I'd rather skip this boring and tedious quest instead. The main reward is that it opens Chris as a hunting trainer, but I dont think he has any unique skills to offer.
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