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June 4th, 2009, 17:49
Use fire arrows. They make much more damage.
crossbow 100 damage kills deer in one shot.

My warrior uses haldberg and crossbow. Now I have problem with skinning animals ( req 22 more hunting ) and open tough lock ( req 18 more thieving ). My char is still around Ardea/Reddock/Cape Dun and getting close to Montera. Still haven't beaten the two ogres in that cave down the beach, and hasn't dared going in the rhinos' cave. So don't have much XP to spare. Level = 12.

Can't wait to switch to archer.

---> I just killed 3 shy deer which appeared near the roaming orcs patrol 's camp site, right in front of Ardea. But haven't found the last 2.
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