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June 4th, 2009, 21:01
I agree about not being able to sleep everywhere, I just think that if you have decimated all the local flora and fauna, you should be able to, at least in a closed environment like a cave etc. Haveing to trek all the way bvack to a town with an inn (and traverse many) overland encounters..,.well, I don't find that enoyable. As for skills: sure make them relevant, but iI felt that I was forced to spend valuable skill points (still not enough clearly) on survival which did not actually conicide with the role I saw for my characters. (My thief shoudl excell at thiefy things, not have to double as a tracker - cross class too. ouch)
I did, however, like the increased use of skills for negotation etc, and the fact that you could use the skills of the best person in your party - way overdue that!
As for the party I have: I picked up standard in-game NPCs and played human myself - the party lagged behind somewhat (a deep gnome and planetouched), but are now almost all the same level. The XP gap seems quite small once you get to mid-levels. It's clear from comments by others, though, and my own experience that I'm way behind a good level (taking my human PC as example) for this last stretch - and it shows. My 12th level paladin has a +20-22 attack bonus - and he's struggling to hit. And even with an AC of 33 when buffed he gets smacked far too often, for lots of damage (I've always suspected that the 'random' number generator they use is not so random!!!) Anyway, I may go back and fiddle - but I've just bought King's Bounty so I'm goingto give that a whirl first.
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