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June 5th, 2009, 17:01
Originally Posted by lanux128 View Post
i normally tackle this quest later in the game. after i've cleared the orcs' camp around Vengard. sometimes i wonder if the deers run into the orcs range and get killed, if that is possible.
I don't believe that they are attacked by the orcs, but they surely run into their direction and sometimes even farther.

Once disturbed the deer start running around and the main problem is to find them.

I too do it later in the game, for example afterhaving fought all the orcs near the barrier, beacause they often run in that direction.

Good hunting skills are helpful too, because you can then shoot one before they even notice you (otherwise you can only hunt one at a time).

Edit: I like that this quest is typical for the Gothic felling, because you can get it very early but may only be able to solve it much later.
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