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Default Bugs from Gothic 1 You'd Want To See Fixed!

June 6th, 2009, 19:28
Ironkeep Studios is developing a community patch for Gothic 1 head over to this thread and post things you'd like to see fixed.

Originally Posted by Korianous View Post
Hello All,

Well, the title says it all! This is your chance to complain to your heart's content about the original Gothic . As we all know, this game was still rather buggy, even with the latest patch (1.08k) installed, far more so than it's successor (we have corrected many of them with our upcoming patch + hotfix, which should be here very soon ).

So, we want to hear from you guys. What bugs, if any, have bothered you when playing Gothic 1? This is where you can let us know about it. Stuff to include might be AI/Pathfinding issues, rendering/graphics issues, script or code errors, errors/inconsistencies in the dialogue/texts etc. If you're having a problem, we'd like to hear about it. Even dialogue/text errors are acceptable.

What we don't want to see in this thread are things about content/feature additions such as new quests, dialogue, items, etc., or changes to existing features (ie replacing the Gothic 1 skill set with Gothic 2). An exception would be a feature improvement which improves a flawed feature in Gothic 1 (ie, improving the pickpocketing system, as the skill was truly useless in Gothic 1). This rule would apply to exploits as well. They are what they are, no need to fix them.

Also, these bug reports are for vanilla Gothic 1 with the 1.08k patch installed. Bugs found when playing a mod (Golden Mod, NoName Mod, Dark Mysteries, etc.) go beyond the purposes of this thread, and should be discussed with the creators of the mod.

With that said, go ahead and complain away . Now is your opportunity, tell us what issues of Gothic 1 you think ought to be fixed.

Best Wishes,

- Korianous

When Reporting a Crash Error:

Simply stating "the game crashes on startup or at a certain point" won't provide us much insight. If you would like to tell us about the error so we can gain some insight from it, either print a screen of the error report and paste it here, or attach a copy of the error log generated upon crashing the game. Thanks
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