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June 10th, 2009, 00:52
Originally Posted by Thoth View Post
Yeah I guess so. Everything is about the $$$ nowadays. I'm actually kind of glad they got rid of the dwarves since I was never interested in them. I much prefer the elves, but I still get frustrated how the current trend of sequels seems to be that you trim off factions, features, units, etc. I was very disappointed with the HoMM games after 3.
Exactly. Both series in their original incarnations featured hours and hours of campaigns and plenty of stand alone scenarios. Same concept when they did an expansion--there was always a very generous number of maps added( not to mention the replayability you got from the editor in HoMM)

Disciples did have a tendency to want to package up bits and pieces and sell them as mini-add-ons--Servants of the Dark pak and so forth. The new guys seem to be committed to that concept, and I guess it's one way to keep development time down and costs low enough to survive, so I'm not complaining. So long as I get the Undead back, anyway. I'm with you on the dwarves.
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