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June 10th, 2009, 01:10
Originally Posted by Prime Junta View Post
You can't. Different games render at different resolutions; you will find yourself scaling at least some of the time -- either in the XBox or in the monitor/TV.

(TV's often have better scaling chips than monitors, so you might get a better result with one.)
This really blows my mind. I assumed that if the 360 was outputting in the same resolution as the monitor's native resolution I'd be sweet.

I had assumed the jaggies I notice playing games was because I play at 1280 x 1024. When playing Fallout 3 (which looks pretty good despite everything) I see quite pronounced jaggies on the side of people's faces and on weapons when I'm looking at them in first person. I just tried upping the resolution on the 360 to 1440 x 900. The aspect ratio was all off, but I thought it would at least give me an idea of what I oculd expect from a new monitor with higher res. Imagime my surprise when I saw that the jaggies were still there. Not as pronounced on the faces, but just as pronounced on the weapons.

So now I really don't know what to do. I don't know if it's even worth spending all that money on a new monitor if it's not going to be the improvement I'd hoped.

The other issue I have with the monitor, the fact that most games appear quite dark, is probably due to the VGA cable. I think the official one is high quality because other than the darkness the picture looks quite good. But if I did get a new monitor I'd still be stuck with VGA, so most games would probably be still too dark. It's actually only a problem with games that don't have ingame brightness control like Mass Effect. And if I set the display to Multimedia (you know the button on the fron of CRTs that allow you to select Text, Internet, Game, Multimedia) it looks pretty good. Fallout 3 actually looks very good. But if I'm going to spend all that money I don't want to be stuck with the same issues I'm having with the monitor I already have.

Would it make more sense to buy a less expensive, basic monitor rather than an expensive full HD one?

Edit: On the features listed on the Viewsonic monitor I mentioned it says "Aspect ratio adjustment ensures your images are never distorted regardless of signal source." Is it talking about scaling? Would something like that actually work?

Thanks again.
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