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June 10th, 2009, 12:23
This situation is a good indicator because it makes the player think. Hashishin fighting orcs after siding with innos could appear to some as a normal faction reaction but do we honestly want this to happen? - it means the right quest path hasn't been fully chosen, the game end result can be subjectively improved or made different, eg: amicable. So logical thinking suggests there is more to do before siding with Innos.

Each faction is aligned to a god, helping one will irate the other and cause conflict so you have too find a way of appeasing each god without conflict. This means you the hero must contact Beliar before siding with Innos, which means you will have to legally enter Ishtar (75%) then gain good rep' (green highlights) inside Ishtar also, then speak with Beliar all before any liberations or siding with Innos. The quest weaving for this is crucial, there is only one critical path of approach.

So why kill Zuben at all?
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