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June 10th, 2009, 15:34
Originally Posted by human_male View Post
This really blows my mind. I assumed that if the 360 was outputting in the same resolution as the monitor's native resolution I'd be sweet.
Only high-end PC video cards are able to output native 1080p at decent frame rates for current games. The XBox 360 doesn't have that kind of horsepower.

So now I really don't know what to do. I don't know if it's even worth spending all that money on a new monitor if it's not going to be the improvement I'd hoped.
Indeed. Is there anyplace you could try before you buy, or that has a liberal returns policy?

The other issue I have with the monitor, the fact that most games appear quite dark, is probably due to the VGA cable. I think the official one is high quality because other than the darkness the picture looks quite good. But if I did get a new monitor I'd still be stuck with VGA, so most games would probably be still too dark.
Nope, the cable won't affect brightness (gamma). Some monitors allow you to adjust gamma on the monitor control panel; otherwise it has to be adjusted at the input. I don't have an XBox so I don't know if, and how, it lets you do this.

Would it make more sense to buy a less expensive, basic monitor rather than an expensive full HD one?
Probably not.

Edit: On the features listed on the Viewsonic monitor I mentioned it says "Aspect ratio adjustment ensures your images are never distorted regardless of signal source." Is it talking about scaling? Would something like that actually work?
Either scaling or cropping. Some TV's do it rather smartly; they leave the center of the picture unscaled, but stretch it at the edges to fit. Maybe the monitor does something like it. It does work rather well for stuff like movies and TV; better than linear scaling anyway.
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