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June 11th, 2009, 15:59
Originally Posted by Maylander View Post
As I wrote in the spoiler tag on the previous page, the ending is a huge step up in difficulty. It was a roadkill for my party - I simply got butchered every time I tried. I completed most of the game, but my party leader was so good at avoiding combat, I hardly had to fight.

I still haven't completed SoZ (final fight remaining), so I wouldn't know how. You should probably be level 17-18 or so I guess.

I am considering making a new party at some point, and go all out power builds just to annihilate the final boss.
Ok I got to the final fight, my party is level 16. I've tried it about 4 times and not a chance (never got the final dude to even 'injured'). I read around the web and found some interesting strategies I'm going to test. Not going to throw the towel just yet!
(by the way, one of the things I found is exploiting a bug that gives you free exp near the end… don't think I'll go that route, but thought you might rather do that than starting all over from scratch)
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