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June 12th, 2009, 12:03
Let me know how it goes. I experienced the same - most of the game was a breeze, but that final fight.. sheesh. Especially the big dude: I couldn't even hurt the guy, and he was killing anything I put up against him in one or two rounds, no matter how well they were protected with spells and what not.

The next time I play SoZ, I will:
1) Make a min/max party
2) Bring only three or four to make levelling faster (xp is divided here, like in the old D&D games such as BG1-2).
4) Get to 17-18 before filling the party with NPCs (let's say I play most of the game with four characters, then fill up with two NPCs after reaching 17-18) and then enter the temple. The NPCs can be upgraded to instantly reach a higher level (costs a fair amount of gold, but money is hardly the issue).
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