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June 13th, 2009, 01:23
Thanks again Prime.

Ok, so here's the inescapable question. According to everything I've learned while researching this in the last few days, the best resolution to play on would be 1280 x 720, which is exact, proper 720p. That's what most of the games are made with.

Why is that, when the most common native resolution of todays LCD tvs (in 16:9) are 1366 x 768?

I've tried to find some models with 1280 x 720 but they seem to be ancient things with 23ms response times. Have you heard of a modern display, either a TV or monitor with this resolution that would be suitable for games (resonable response time ect)? Or are they considered obsolete?

So I'm kinda back to square one. I think I'm chasing a dragon here. I'm chasing something I'm never going to catch. I'll just get something with a brand name in my price range and leave it at that. But now I'm back to the old monitor or tv debate? And around and around I go.
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