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June 14th, 2009, 16:41
By the way, an interesting - and possibly worrying - note is that if this game is set to be released in 2010, it's kind of odd it didn't make any showing whatsoever at E3, and is instead announced relatively anonymously and with incredibly bad timing. I think I know why they couldn't show a ready-made area yet, but it's still an odd one.

Hey, Ausir, do you know why did Madej leave CDPR?
What Dagon stated as Madej's reason to leave is correct.

Originally Posted by Dagon View Post
Not most of them. Some programmers and lead designer, who left because he wanted to develop some new IP instead of milking The Witcher, but CDPR isn't in the financial state to back up new IPs right now.
Yes, that's as for as is officially known.

In reality, a significant part of the design/production team was put on the 3rd Witcher IP project which was cancelled even before RotWW, and they left to start their own studio (nothing to do what Madej is doing, he left earlier).

I believe the art director or one of the other art leads left as well, and I've heard some middling things about their current art lead, but I don't have the details there.

I don't have the numbers or a list of names, but expect to miss quite a few familiar faces from the role-call of TW2, and to see a few new ones in there. The turnover compared to 1 is significant, that much I know for sure.
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