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June 15th, 2009, 16:07
I find it hard to believe that a Alpha Protocol, a console only game, would get DOUBLE the votes of divinity 2, a game we RPG fans are so keen on its got its own Locus Inn page!

Dragon Age shipping without multiplayer sucks, but its MICROSOFTS fault cos the devs would have you use Games For Windows Live, a horrible game lobby service.

They could have done a Proper, LAN enabled PC version and left multiplayer out of XBOX (pissing off most of the money?) or gone GFWL for them both and had a lot of complaints/bad publicity about the multiplayer issues.

GFWL is so bad that its an instant boycott on any game for me and im still quietly pissed off i bought dawn of war 2.

Disciples 3 is a TBS first and foremost, but i am very keen.

Baldurs Gate 2 is still my favourite multiplayer game!
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