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June 16th, 2009, 15:21
The developers in BioWare and Obsidian certainly know who their target audience is. However, BioWare is a part of EA now, and probably has to go through EAs marketing division - they're most likely aiming at a much wider audience than BioWare normally would.

OEs marketing, on the other hand, probably has to go through Feargus Urquhart, and I just don't consider it likely for him to ever go: "Yes, marketing my game as a console shooter for kidz sounds just about right!". Or anything similar.

From what I know, Feargus has not been doing anything but RPGs since he created Black Isle back in the days. As long as he's the CEO of OE, I very much doubt that'll change - if he wanted to change genre to get more money, he would've done it many years ago.

Personally (and I've said this many times), I feel that AP has a lot of potential, even when not considering who is making it. However, when you do consider the developers, the game could look like rubbish and I'd still pick it up based exclusively on their previous achievements.
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