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June 16th, 2009, 15:31
Originally Posted by screeg View Post
I think you're right that the marketing seems to be aimed at 15-year-olds, but for f*&%sake, why?! If the average age of your customer is 37, why on earth would you shoot for a 15-year-old? Is it because they feel playing a computer game is and will always be an essentially teenaged experience? The mindset is disappointing.
New customers? Why aim a lot of nonsense PR towards a group of people you know are far too thorough to buy based on a few flashy teasers? The 37 year olds have either made up their mind about buying a long time ago, or intend to read reviews and forums to find out whether or not they intend to buy.

Noone on RPGWatch would ever buy a game because they saw some special effects teaser or similar. We might be the target audience for the developers, but we're certainly not the target audience for the marketing people. They know that most of us will actually base our opinions on a whole lot more than a few previews and gameplay videos.
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