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June 16th, 2009, 17:15
Originally Posted by Prime Junta View Post
How much have you experimented with the camera options? I found a set that works pretty well for me. The default settings are bad, though.
A fair bit. I use the exploration camera with some changes to mouse sensitivity. Detaching the camera from the characters isnt my cup of tea. My main problem is the lack of wall transparency when zoomed out, with buildings blocking my view outdoors and the camera forcing a ridiculously close zoom outdoors. Indoors I pretty much set the camera to a vertical perspective, but that is not optimal as I cant see what's coming up ahead and easily miss closed doors even with the highlight function.

So while the game is playable I think this camera qualifies as bad in the objective sense, especially as other Aurora games have used far less frustrating solutions.

As I was playing both NWN1 & NWN2 simultaneously recently I find that I *still* prefer the NWN1 camera system, but the movement I like the NWN2 system better.
I find that the interface of NWN2 is somewhat mangled. There are a lot of options, but they are too spread out all over the place and it isnt always intuitive to find them. Splitting the camera into several modes rather than having one single mode that can be configured is typical of this design. It smells of a geeky engineers playground, add options and functionality but dont give one iota about usability
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