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June 17th, 2009, 01:34
From what I've seen, the marketing for AP seems to focus in on all the choices and the intricate gloabal network of agencies and agents. That trailer where Thornton had the guy suspended from a building with a grenade in his mouth showed about 5 different choices, that all seemed to lead to different outcomes in terms of gameplay, possibly civilian deaths, and how it would affect you reputation.

DA has been focusing on hawt action, blood, and blood pumping hawt acshun!! and awesomeness.

I'll buy both on release day, but I'll be buying DA inspite of the marketing. AP's marketing has confirmed to me that I want the game. They are both supposed to be released in October too, so it'll be interesting to see how the actual games compare, both to each other, and to their respective marketing directions.

That said, I fully expect Bio and EA to try a few different marketing campaigns in order to win back the old school fans before release. They've got people talking and arguing on forums the interweb over. They have the mind share. So they do a couple of trailers and demos that show the cleverness of the stories and the depth of characterisation, the real choices and role playing.
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