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June 17th, 2009, 18:39
Originally Posted by wolfing View Post
6 more attempts… 6 more failures I refuse (for now) to believe my party of lvl 16 can't handle that fight, yet all sites I found that talk how they beat the fight is with groups of like lvl 18-21. I still have a couple of strategies to try, but so far I've been blasted/sliced/smashed/kicked/bitch-slapped and the closest I've come is killing everything but the super big dude (barely injured) and one of the "just big" dudes (injured).
It also sucks that there is no enchanting/crafting room anywhere near so I can do some final enchantments (I might use the console to summon one as a mini-cheat, more like design "fix")
3 more attempts, 3 more failures (sigh), but I had an idea on the way to work today, going to try it in the evening. Do you know if the door gets locked after the fight starts? Maybe I can do what I did against the vampire lords/mind flayer, kill a few, leave the room, lick my wounds and head back, trying to take one or a few at a time and run away.
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