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June 19th, 2009, 04:08
I purchased the Steam version yesterday, and uninstalled it today. $20 wasted seems a small price to learn that Steam should be avoided.

It was my first Steam purchase after dozens of D2D purchases. I was stunned at how obtrusive and controlling Steam is. It forces their client to be active when you want to play a game, defaults to opening up IM clients during play, spams you with ads, and forces subsequent game installations into the directory where you first install their client. I put Steam on a relatively crowded C-drive, and was stunned to see it take over Oblivion installation and force that to the same directory on C with no user options as to destination. (I had planned to put Oblivion on another drive.)

And to add insult to injury, I discovered that the Steam DRM disabled some of the ability to mod Oblivion. (I wish I had seens the Stealth post, above, before my purchase.)

I spent a couple hourts seeing what I could disable in Steam. Its obtrusiveness makes the worst of Norton look like a good neighbor. When I failed to find how to disable all the spam or change directories, I uninstalled Steam, only to find it then uninstalled Oblivion at the same time!

D2D can be a pain, but at least with D2D and GoG you can do what you set out to do -- buy and play a game without also inheriting dracoian spam and control.
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