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June 21st, 2009, 02:47
In a chat with various developers of action-RPG Torchlight, Gamebunny tries to shed some more light on things, while adding a few exclusive screens as well.
gamebunny:Can you describe Torchlight’s plot to us in a nice, wee paragraph?
Runic (John Dunbar):
Sure! Torchlight is a boomtown built on top of a rich deposit of a magic stone called Ember. Ember is the keystone of alchemy and quite valuable, and all sorts of people came to Torchlight to make their fortunes. Unfortunately for the miners, they weren’t the first to discover this particular vein of Ember- the mountain is in fact a layer cake of ruined civilizations, growing more ancient the deeper one descends. The inhabitants are, of course, not entirely dead. Through exploring this labyrinth of caverns and ruins, the player uncovers a plot that threatens much more than just the small mining town.
gamebunny: About how many hours are you expecting a single play-through to take?
Runic (Erich Schaefer):
We are estimating about 10-20 hours to play through the storyline. On the longer side if it’s your first time, and quicker if you’re experienced and just plow through. After the storyline quests are complete, however, you still delve deeper and deeper, fighting tougher monsters and finding more loot.
More information.
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