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June 22nd, 2009, 15:51
I've gone through a lot of gaming mice, and more than my share of keyboards. I have yet to find a set I'm perfectly happy with.

I used to have a Logitech G5; however, it eventually broke (past the warranty date, of course), and I replaced it with a Razer Lachesis. I've previously had a Razer Copperhead, which wasn't half bad.

However, I think that on balance I preferred the Logitech. The Razer is more picky about the mousepad (e.g. it doesn't work well on an IceMat, which I otherwise like), and it's more sensitive to dirt -- a speck of dust in the wrong place will have the cursor jumping all over the place. The G5 was rock solid in this respect, and I liked the way I could balance it to fit my taste. I certainly haven't found anything I like *better.*

As to keyboards, I have two favorites.

One is the one I'm typing on now: it's Das Keyboard, a completely blank, mechanically switched keyboard manufactured by Cherry. It has very good typing feel. Its main downside is that it's noisy, and, well, blank -- that doesn't bother me when typing (it's kinda cool actually, and it has improved my touch-typing so that nowadays I can find most of the meta keys without looking too), but it is a bit of a problem when gaming; it's not always easy to find, say, the I key to get the inventory if you're hitting it without having your hands properly positioned.

My other favorite is something that's the exact design opposite of the brutally utilitarian Das Keyboard -- namely, the Mac keyboard. I've got one at work. It's nearly silent, the keys have very little travel, but somehow it's really, really comfortable to type on. I honestly can't say which one I like more; however, my wife doesn't much care for the clackety-clack of Das Keyboard, so I figure that when I next upgrade my computer, it'll be a Mac, with the keyboard to match. (Mac keyboards don't play that well with PC's, because the layout is slightly different; you can give it a try, though, if you want.)
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