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June 29th, 2009, 16:33
It looks great, of course looks and plays are two different things.

Obviously console controls and UI, I sure hope they spend the time to make sure the PC UI and controls are done well. I've never played a FPS on a console is it normal to be jerking around that much when trying to aim?

Note to developers, don't ask me if I want to save my changes every time I leave the inventory screen, I'll hate you in no time. Make it an option at least. Also there had better be quick keys directly to the individual menu options so I don't have to go through that horrible 3 paned "character" menu every time.

I noticed a lot of enemy animations would start, reset and then play all the way through, he mentioned it was a little buggy once when that happened, hopefully that's what he was talking about.

Any reason we can't customize our character a tiny bit? Even so much as choosing if Horton is a white, black or asian guy? Perhaps his race is important to the story *shrug*

I like that you're given a choice on what to do with the weapons shipment. I hope this is the only choice I've seen because they're trying not to release spoilers, not because it's the only real choice you get. Otherwise it looks like a lot of fun, I'll definitely be buying it.
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