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June 29th, 2009, 20:43
Originally Posted by DeepO View Post
Iīve seen a vid where he had a Castrobeard.

Personally, I canīt really say this walkthrough made me more excited about the game.

Action seemed somewhat bland and repetitive overall, though the tower destroyage was pretty cool. Hopefully thereīs plenty of opportunities in the environment interaction department.

AI was nonexistent and the boss fight was ridiculous.
Plus, it actually seemed like all choices would lead to the same output, the only difference being whether you score cool points with the dudette, or not.

Video showing more of the nonhostile environment would be nice, as well as some more info on mission diversity.
True, I guess it's about your expectations going in. I'm trying to take it face value, a slightly RPG FPS. A little more FPS focused Mass Effect. I had some concerns about the damage model too, I wish they would have shown a single-shot take down from a rifle.

Though I share your concerns over the AI, they seemed virtually cannon fodder. And yes, the boss fight was ridiculous. Boss fights don't really make any sense in this setting as any single un-armored boss should die just as easily from a bullet to the head as Mr. CannonFodder.

I think it was a mission from the beginning of the story, those dudette cool points might make a big difference later in the game.

Though I may have my rose tinted glasses on because I need something to look forward to that isn't Gothic 4a/b or my rapidly shrinking excitement for Dragon Age. Besides I'm a sucker for any RPG that has real ( or at least realistic ) guns. I'm so sick of swords & undead.
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