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June 29th, 2009, 21:58
Originally Posted by danutz_plusplus View Post
That's because you went to see it for all the wrong reasons. The only real reason to see these movies is to see bad-ass robots battling it out in all.
See, now that was exactly my first problem w/ the first Transformers - I went for exactly that reason and BARELY got what i came for! Seriously, the freakin camerawork in the film is so horribly done and shot so close-up, you could barely at any given time get what the hell was going on in the battle. The freeway battle was the only time where the camera was actually zoomed out enough to give you a good view of the melee action going down, where you could see the flow of the fight and root for your guy. Rest of the time, all I saw was big chunks of steel and concrete flashing by the zoomed camera, crashes/bangs/explosions and then a shot of a robot getting to his feet again. Wait for the dust to settle and see who's left. Utterly lazy use of great CGI.

Worse yet, the bots didnt have their original color schemes, so in the midst of battle it's anyone's guess which robot's which.

I was pretty disappointed, the best part of the movie was a few transformations and Megan Fox's bod.
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