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June 30th, 2009, 16:06
Jasede posted translation on RPGCodex:
by yours truly

Rogue Guard: Where is that bastard?
Hero: Uh, what?
Rogue Guard: That stupid cunt Clay has left me waiting here for hours now! It's that dick's turn to stand watch already!
Hero: So, uh, you are like a guard here?
Rogue Guard: Yeah, and I have been guarding way too long already! This moldy swamp earth is getting to my feet…
Hero: Well, where is this Clay-dude?
Rogue Guard: Beats me. Somewhere in the camp, staring into nothing lazily I bet. If he doesn't show up soon I'll bail.
Hero: What's there to guard here?
Rogue Guard: The Swamp Peasant, man. Without him things would be pretty grim here.
Hero: Well, but who'd want to steal something here?
Rogue Guard: I ain't worried about the people in the city; they stay away from here. But those damn beasties everywhere! If we weren't careful we'd get swarmed by boars and worse things.
Hero: So what do you mean by "things would be grim here?"
Rogue Guard: Dude, just look around you! Does this look like the paradise to you? No bar, no bitches, nothing - just stinking swamp. All we really have left here is boozing. Without the Swamp Peasant's beer there'd be nothing at all, got it?
Hero: Uh… can I learn something from you?
Rogue Guard: Pfff ambitious, huh? Used to be like that too. Well, apart from fighting there's a few nifty skills you should possess: sneaking, lockpicking and pick pocketing. I can teach you all those handy things.
Hero: Great! I'll go see about Clay.
Rogue Guard: Drag that guy here! I've had it with him, you know!
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