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June 30th, 2009, 16:11
Originally Posted by Konjad View Post
Since I don't understand german it don't give me any information about dialogues.
You're not missing that much. Obviously the guard is pretty pissed off about his replacement not showing up so we get to see (or hear rather) some of Risen's rough dialogue and language which -surprise - is once again very reminiscent of the Gothic games.

Does anyone know about system requirements? Is this game going to be bugged and freezing on nearly every computer like G3 or are they going to finish the game before releasing it? (not like they finished G3 with patches). Damn, now I got interested by this game but Gothic 3 was complete failure so I'm still pessimistic.
The engine needs to run on Xbox 360 this time so there's little room for fucking around with it like they did with G3 .

As for system reqs, I'd expect the "typical" cross platform configuration for the recommended specs, i.e. a 2.5+ GHz dual core CPU, 2048MB RAM and a GeForce 8800 (or ATI equivalent). I'm pretty sure I remember someone from PB actually explicitly mentioned a 8800 not too long ago.

Regarding the performance or bugginess of the engine, I think we're pretty safe this time. Hundreds of people played the actual game at the RPC and we've seen plenty of real (i.e. not pre-rendered) in-game videos by now. There didn't seem to be any major technical issues aside from some clipping and some awkward animations. If there would have been any issues on the level of G3 then I'm sure we'd have heard about it from the RPC hands-on reports or seen it ourselves in the videos or read it in one of the mags (like Gamestar).

Of course they could still screw up the combat system, the balancing, the AI and a lot of other stuff so let's not start feeling too safe now … but, seriously, if any of that should really happen to be broken then it should also be a lot easier to fix via patches than a broken foundation (engine).
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