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July 4th, 2009, 17:16
Well…this has descended to weird levels.

OK first off…avernum releases not buggy? no kidding, real hard to release a game the is the same over and over and n ot have the bugs ironed out….much smaller and easier game to program. Kings bounty was bugged as hell when it was first released. I forget the other one…

Secondly, computer games are not released as bug free as say a car or an airplane because…and here is the shocker…they have a moving target, computers in every house are mostly different…they have different drivers and different components. Did you know even if you keep your computer clean, you could have two components where the drivers don't play nice together.

Brother none, you blasted their animation department, their writers, and their programmers….oh and I guess that would include the designers since AI got blasted too. So basically the only thing good about them is their Art department or did you forget about that? Take a minute and compare gothic 3 to oblivion…tell me which comes off smelling better for bugs.

You think it was a personal attack that I think your judgement is off? I think it is simply the truth, but hey YMMV.
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