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July 6th, 2009, 05:12
Originally Posted by JDR13 View Post
Er….you should try reading through the thread some more, because your analysis is way off.
Like I said I only had a chance to read this page, but found it highly entertaining in a WTF happened sorta way

It'll have to remain a mystery, for me at least, until I get back home. I have too many beaches that are calling my name to do any real reading. But you guys have fun and remember it's ID were talking about. I don't see how Beth could do any real damage to either Quake or Doom. Both are just FPS. While I gave up on Quake after Quake 2 (It became too multiplayer oriented for me) and Doom is really just a linear FPS. Albeit fun and scary at times, but still just a linear FPS. Or maybe your not talking about that anymore In either case have fun wacking each other on the head

Wish me luck I'm trying to find a Jet-Ski (the kind you stand up on) on this island and not having much luck. All they have are those boring little mini boats like the Wave Runners or Sea Doo.
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