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July 6th, 2009, 21:04
This quest isn't a storyline critical and can be left out, it's still useful for gaining some exp' points, the quest also stays 'open' so you could come back later and finish where you left off…but there's a catch in not completing the quest in one go --->
Chris wants only the meat (raw uncooked) from five shy deer you have to keep them *quest-separate* from other meat because meat from all kinds of killed animals goes into only one inventory slot and is in effect…"mixed". So before starting the quest, cook any and all meat in your inventory then make a save game. When you have killed five deer return to Chris and the quest will complete without failing.
Having "40 points in lockpicking" and difficult locks skill will get you through the game, any harder locks locks can be opened with unlock magic scrolls which you collect on your travels and is enough to get you well into the game untill further skills can be chosen.
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