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Default Spotting a dying HD before it's too late?

July 10th, 2009, 00:20
I noted that something was wrong when the computer started to freeze at night during the virusscan. To be sure I installed Seagate Tools and ran a "Long Drive Self Test" on all my drives. I my stationary have 2x1tb, 1x1,5tb, 1x250gb and 1x750gb. All but the 250gb one are from Seagate.

Yes. One of my 1tb drives failed, meaning it's dying. Luckily, my cohabit ordered another 1,5tb for her yesterday so she gave it to me. I have spent the entire day backing up and the final file is copying while I am writing this. And yeah, one movie couldn't be copied. Trying to do so gave me a CRC error (Cyclic Redundancy Check). Now when I tested the drive after a format, it still fails, so it's time to send it back to Seagate.

I should consider myself lucky. This time I had enough time to rescue all data, except for that movie which is still available on the net.

But harddrives fail once in awhile, and the media partition contains most of my own personal stuff. Maybe next time I am not so lucky?

This makes me wonder if there's a better way to keep monitoring the drives health, like scanning them weekly for errors? I know of no programs that do so automatically, but in this era there should be a few such applications out there, hopefully at the right price. Data is often priceless.
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