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July 10th, 2009, 20:18
some more interesting stuff


Greenberg, in cooperation with good buddy Woodhead, dispute a settlement proposal from the bankruptcy courts for $40000. Computer Games Magazine was a named as a former co-plaintiff and a source of a problem getting their money.

This is the case where Greenberg attempts to get what was due him from the (implicitely) fraudulent sale of the Wizardry asset from Sir Tech Software, Inc to Sir Tech, Canada.

The court is well aware that Greenberg quite possibly could not get a dime from Sir Tech Canada were he to sue them, the real issue is what is in the Trustee's (the State's) interest from this bankrupt company and how much the assets were worth.

An indpendent firm stated they were worth $50k and this settlement of $40k is reasonable. Greenberg and Woodhead disputed that and though the court recognizes them as experts as creators of the assets (more so than CGM et al) the dispute is mainly petty as they made no attempt to even buy the assets themselves when they were offered (brilliant argument against them).

In short, the state wants to get out of this, $40k is reasonable in light of any other paper evidence, they can still pursue a lawsuit against Sir Tech, Canada, and you're just being petty you litigous bunch of… Again, the state just wants out.
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